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For more than 25 years the NPC has been the utmost authority for in-ground swimming pool and spa cementitious interior pool surface applicators, material manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. Be sure to visit our site to find the latest news, technical updates, and events impacting the pool industry.

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About NPC
Our Mission
Brief History
Board of Directors

About The National Plasterers Council

National Plasters Council is a trade association for pool plasterers that originated from the vision to “provide a voice and support for swimming pool plasterers.” We give a voice to one industry and provide the research and expertise for those whose products or services related to the pool resurfacing industry.

Since its formation in 1988, the Council has been focused on studying plaster surface problems and the writing of technically sound practices for the industry. Pool surface research has been one of the primary focuses of NPC and we have a very strong foundation and vision which will take the association to new levels now and in the future.

If you are looking for a swimming pool professional whether for building or pool resurfacing, we can help connect you with applicators, builders, manufacturers and other tradesmen who participate in the swimming pool construction and pool resurfacing fields. Those part of the NPC are provided with the knowledge and authority to be leaders in the industry and stay on top of what is cutting edge in the industry.


  • American Shotcrete Association
  • Independent Pool and Service Association
  • California Pool and Spa Association
  • The Association for Pool and Spa Professionals
  • American Concrete Institute
  • American National Standards Institute
  • Institute for Code Council

Our Mission

The National Plasterers Council will continue to be the utmost authority in the preparation, application, materials, start-ups and preservation of cementitious pool interior finishes. The NPC will collaborate with other associations and serve the industry through research, education, promotion, and certification of all segments of the pool industry including pool owners, the pool service providers, plasterers, manufacturers, specifiers, remodelers, architects, and builders.

A Brief History of The National Plasterers Council

The National Plasterers Council history goes back to the creation of the Plasterers Council under the auspices of the Southern California Chapter of the National Spa & Pool Institute. With the vision and work of Bruce Hughes, the Council was formed to “provide a voice and support for swimming pool plasterers.”

For two years, the Council grew in awareness for the pool plastering industry and gained support from manufacturers, plasterers, and interested parties primarily in California. In 1990, the Plasterers Council instituted a Membership system with dues to expand its ability to provide benefits and pay for the expenses of the Council.

From 1990 to 1992, the Council and National leadership of the National Spa & Pool Institute discussed the potential and opportunities of the Plasterers Council becoming a part of the National Spa & Pool Institute’s national structure. After many meetings and discussions, the Council Board of Directors and membership decided it was in their best interest to become a separate national trade association for pool plasterers. In 1994, the Council incorporated in California as National Plasterers Council, Inc. and became a 501(c)(6) trade association.

From its formation in 1988, the Council has been focused on studying plaster surface problems and the writing of technically sound practices for the industry. The original Technical Manual was first published in partnership with and under the umbrella of the National Spa & Pool Institute in 1992. The first stand alone National Plasterers Council Technical Manual, was published in 1994. Updated versions were published in 1998 and 2002. Future additions will be printed as supplies dictate. In the mid 90’s the Council worked to produce educational videos for consumers that are also used as contractor’s sales tools.

In 2003, the Council hired a new management firm and moved its incorporation and offices to Florida. A Strategic Plan was established to define the priorities of the Council and will be updated annually. The plan calls for pool surface research to be a primary focus of the NPC. The Council has established a new nonprofit charitable corporation called the NPC Research Foundation, Inc. The Foundation will be the fundraising arm for NPC Research in the future.

Other priorities include nationwide membership recruitment, new member benefits, and new educational opportunities including a pool surface applicator certification program. NPC has a very strong foundation and vision which will take the association to new levels now and in the future.

2024-2025 Board of Directors

Shaun Goldberg

Burkett’s Pool Plastering, Inc.
Rob Romano
Immediate Past Chair
Membership Committee Co-chair

David Cooke Plaster Co LLC
Laura Eaton
Vice Chair

Cal Plastering
Rob Burkett

Burkett’s Pool Plastering
Jana Auringer
Board Member
Technical Committee Co-chair

Pebble Technology, Inc.
Eduardo Barale
Board Member

Carrara Industrial Services
Nadia Beane
Board Member
Curriculum Dev Committee Chair

Jack’s Magic Products Inc
David Cooke
Board Member
Membership Committee Chair

David Cooke Plaster Co LLC
Jonathan Dongell
Board Member

Pebble Technology, Inc
Randy Dukes
Board Member

CLI/Aquavations Corporation
Jay Eaton
Board Member

Cal Plastering
Yvette Gammon
Board Member

Gammon Pools, Inc
Phil Greggs
Board Member
Research Committee Chair

SGM, Inc
Brent Lane
Board Member
Marketing Committee Chair

Artistry in Mosaics, Inc
Lupe Mariscal
Board Member

Blue Moon Pools
Jeff McGalliard
Board Member
Technical Committee Chair

JMK Associates/Premier Pools & Spas
Dave Schilli
Board Member

Schilli Plastering Company
Lee Valenzuela
Board Member

New Image Pool Interiors
Jeff Henderson
Executive Director
The Sanford Organization
Chris Marcano
Executive Director
National Plasterers Council