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Maximize your investment by trusting an NPC pool professional to help you choose the right finish for your new or newly plastered pool.

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Here you will find tips on understanding the best finish options for your new pool, benefits of refinishing your pool and finding the right applicator, builder and more.

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NPC Start-up CardProper start-up and maintenance of your freshly plastered pool is critical. Swimming pool maintenance is more than simply adding sanitizer, adjusting the pH and running a filter. Proper chemical treatment is necessary to prevent problems such as mineral scale and metal stain formation, cloudy water, or deterioration of the interior finish and the equipment.

What happened to my pool’s interior finish color?

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Pool interior finishTypically, pigments used in cementitious swimming pool coatings, when combined with a variety of finish options, offer limitless possibilities for aesthetically pleasing, true, and vivid colors. One might think that prolonged sun exposure or UV rays could have something to do with your pool’s color pigments fading – not so much.