Protect Your Investment!

NPC Recommended Start-up Procedures

Protect Your Investment!

NPC Recommended Start-up Procedures

NPC Start-up Card

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Proper start-up and maintenance of your freshly plastered pool is critical. Swimming pool maintenance is more than simply adding sanitizer, adjusting the pH and running a filter. Proper chemical treatment is necessary to prevent problems such as mineral scale and metal stain formation, cloudy water, or deterioration of the interior finish and the equipment.

NPC Start-up Card

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Be sure your pool technician is well-versed in the proper techniques and chemistry to start-up and maintain your newly plastered pool. Download our newly reformatted and updated Start-up Card!

Your new pool is wonderful! It is critical that maintenance of the finish and balanced water chemistry continue throughout the year.

Greg Garrett Larger than Life

Greg Garrett Larger than LifeGreg Garrett was a larger-than-life man who dedicated his career to the swimming pool industry. He was a true industry unifier whose legacy and contributions in educating pool professionals. Greg was one of the pillar architects and spread the gospel about the proper start-up, care and maintenance of cementitious interior pool and spa finishes. His impact will be felt for years to come throughout the National Plasterers Council and the pool industry. Sadly, Greg unexpectedly passed away in 2019. His legacy is celebrated every year at the NPC’s Annual Conference when the Council presents the Greg Garrett Volunteer of the Year Award. To learn more about Greg Garrett’s contributions to the NPC and the pool industry read this.

NPC Technical Library

Learn more about the care and maintenance of your new pool by visiting NPC’s Technical Library.

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    The National Plasterers Council will continue to be the utmost authority in the preparation, application, materials, start-ups and preservation of cementitious pool interior finishes. The NPC will collaborate with other associations and serve the industry through research, education, promotion, and certification of all segments of the pool industry including pool owners, the pool service providers, plasterers, manufacturers, specifiers, remodelers, architects, and builders.

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