Be Involved… Join an NPC Committee

As it is said, you get out of your association as much as you give back to your association through your involvement. It can be accurately stated that the heart and soul of the National Plasterers Council (NPC) is found at the grassroots or committee level.

As a national organization without a regional or local structure, we don’t anticipate that everyone will have the resources or time to be involved.

The real work of the Council is done in each of the seven standing committees. The committees look to the Board of Directors for direction and definition of purpose.  We do ask that all our members have minimal involvement by:

  • Abiding by the NPC Code of Ethics
  • Use the NPC Technical Manual
  • Purchase NPC Brochures and Videos
  • Attend the National Conference
  • Attend Regional Meetings when in your area
  • Attend Seminars offered at Regional Trade Shows

With that in mind however, many industry members want to give back to their industry and be involved. There are several committees you can serve as a member or if you’re ready to make a major plunge, you can be nominated to be on our National Board of Directors. Below is a brief description of each committee and their responsibilities. Committee members are appointed by their respective Committee Chairs. New Board Members can be appointed anytime during the year by a majority vote of the sitting Board Members at any regular or special meeting of the Board OR they can be nominated by the Nominating Committee and elected at the General Membership Meeting at the NPC National Conference.

Responsible for the development and execution of an annual membership recruitment and retention program. The Committee works with the staff and general membership in reaching membership goals approved by the Board of Directors.

Technical Advisory
Responsible for reviewing possible updates and changes to the NPC Technical Manual to be approved by the NPC Board of Directors. The Committee also is responsible for reviewing and updating other research and media pieces along with educational seminars keeping them in line with industry standards.

The Research Committee is responsible for the overall Research program of the NPC. The Committee is responsible for overseeing any research under contract with any entity on behalf of the NPC. Much of their time is developing research protocols and securing funding for the research. This is a very time consuming committee.

National Conference
Responsible for the planning and execution of the NPC Annual Conference. The Committee works hand in hand with the NPC Staff on developing a budget, program schedule, seminars, and PR Materials. The Committee is also responsible for assisting the staff in securing major and minor sponsors for the conference and Annual Golf Classic.

Responsible for the development and presentation of training seminars for members and the industry at large. The Committee oversees the development and evolution of certification and training programs provided by NPC.

The mission of the Marketing Committee is to expand NPC’s presence and influence as well as to encourage the growth of the National Plasterers Council. The committee will evaluate the effectiveness of current advertising and marketing activities and recommend changes and/or new strategies.

The NPC Scholarship Committee determines annually scholarship essay questions. They are then responsible for the review of applications and research papers to ensure accurate representation of the rules and requirements for applicants.

Board of Directors
The NPC National Board of Directors is currently comprised of nineteen (19) members. The Board is responsible for all aspects of the organization but primarily spends it’s time approving committee programs and setting a direction for the organization. The Board is solely responsible for setting organization policy including annual budget and calendar.


To serve on an NPC Committee your company or the company you work for must be a member in good standing. Active membership is currently defined as “having no reported meritorious complaints against your company and having all financial commitments to NPC and the NPC Foundation up to date. You must also fill out the appropriate application for consideration.


Once received in the NPC Office, the staff will confirm that the qualifications have been met and the application will be submitted to the Committee Chair(s) of the committees selected by the applicant. The Chair may or may not ask input from their committee or from the Board of Directors. It is solely the decision of the Committee Chair who serves as members on their committee.


Council Committees currently meet at least four times a year face to face in different parts of the United States in conjunction with NPC National Board of Director Meetings and has conference telephone calls at least eight times a year. It is vital that committee members attend face to face meetings and conference calls. All expenses related to attending those meetings are currently the responsibility of the committee member. In some cases, some meals will be provided when dictated by the annual budget. The annual calendar of meetings normally is established at the February Board of Directors Meeting.

It is the full intent of the National Plasterers Council Board and Staff to ensure that each and every committee member has an enjoyable and rewarding experience working with the Council. We thank everyone in advance for their time, talent and treasures!

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