Why Remodel?

Unlock the hidden potential of your swimming pool!

There are so many reasons to remodel your swimming pool. From whether you want the latest eco-friendly features, a fresh new look, improved safety, to resurfacing it for repairs.

NPC brings 25 years of swimming pool remodeling and refinishing experience. Contact one of our pool professionals to begin your swimming pool transformation today.

Why Remodel?

Refinishing your swimming pool can bring additional enjoyment to your family, improve safety, and increase the value of your home.

It's also important to consider remodeling for safety. As you add new members to your family or bring a new pet into the home it's essential to reconsider safety. Pool covers, self-latching doors and gates, alarms, and anti-entrapment equipment are some of the important safety measures that should be taken.

Save that money!
Invest in a remodel to increase energy efficiency. Simply by upgrading your pump, adding a pool cover, or restoring the finish, you can make a huge difference in the costs associated with your pool.

A fresh look.
Updating the finish or remodeling the pool, with a fresh look is another great reason to remodel your pool. Make a change, mix it up, and redesign your pool finish. Pool surfaces are available in a variety of colors and finishes.

New features.
Feature updates such as waterfalls, jets, and fountain bubblers are a great way to change up the look of your swimming pool. Other features such as waterslides, fire features, hot tubs, or even lighting can completely change the atmosphere.

Before & After Gallery

Maximize your investment by refinishing or remodeling your swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Before & After 1
Swimming Pool Before & After 2
Swimming Pool Before & After 3
Swimming Pool Before & After 4
Swimming Pool Before & After 5
Swimming Pool Before & After 6
Swimming Pool Before & After 7

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